Director of a social enterprise company working in the arts and education

Linda develops the potential of individuals. I think of the way she has supported and mentored me through the last twenty years of my career. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for various posts without her support. She sees the potential of individuals and supports them to achieve. I have found the way that she mentors people very powerful. I know that she has been inspirational to a great number of young women, providing a role model of how women can be successful leaders. There are many women, myself included, who would not be in the professional roles they hold today without her.


She is very clear, plain-speaking and fair. She does not shy away from difficult issues but confronts them head-on. Within this, however, she also cares for individuals, empathises with their stories and makes space for them to reveal their vulnerabilities and difficulties.


Writer, performer and religious educator

Linda’s way of relating just draws people out; she helps them feel valued. She exudes a quality of being intensely interested in life-at-the-moment, being very present to whomever she is with.


University Senior Lecturer, Greece

One of the things I want to stress about Linda is her ability to build relationships of confidence and respect, and to make her clients feel they are her equal and enable them to be creative and innovative.


Community arts officer

Linda was really supportive of me. She enabled me to believe that I could do it even though at times I felt like an impostor. She helped me to realise that I could achieve my goals. Her support was invaluable and I know that it wasn’t just me who benefited from her inspiration. Loads of people have her to thank for reaching their goals.


University Senior Manager

Linda is immensely warm and generous, and she has a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for a really wide range of issues. She is an excellent communicator, and a very good listener. She has strong and clear insights and understanding of the behaviour of others, and has a quick and intelligent mind. She is passionate about the arts and culture, and their transformative qualities, and she cares enormously about issues of equality and diversity, both at an individual level and more widely.


Visual artist and novelist

Linda has a capacity to combine confidence with humour. Her advice, when sought, is always astute, her focus sharp, and she exudes an air of assurance that always inspires confidence.


Senior manager in further education

Linda’s influence was all-important in enabling me to recognise skills I didn’t realise I possessed. Through her mentoring, I went on to become a teacher and became involved in Access programmes offering second-chance opportunities for adult learners.


University Senior Lecturer

Linda has encouraged me to be aspirational in my career. She encourages me to be ambitious but in a realizable context, focussing on both short and long term goals. She is always accessible, quick to support in areas of vulnerability but in a subtle way. Linda supports obliquely, not overtly, which is empowering but often realised – by the supported – after the event.


University Professor

Linda creates an enabling ethos. She makes me feel trusted and valued.
At a recent meeting, Linda was very supportive but also quite firmly helped me move beyond my anger. I have complete confidence in her integrity and candour. In this case, Linda helped me to move beyond and learn from an issue which had assumed ridiculous proportions in my mind.


Independent dance artist and dance movement therapist

Linda facilitates others to make their own decisions in a supportive and non-judgemental way. When I was endeavouring to make a decision about whether or not to take up a post I had been offered, she was prepared to take the time to let me talk through all aspects of the decision, the pros and cons and my fears.

Linda supports what is at the core of someone’s project, encouraging them to focus their efforts where their interests and talents are most engaged.


She supports others when they have lost belief in themselves.